Hello world!

This is my first post! Yay I’m excited!!!

This blog is dedicated to Our new puppy Pearl who will be coming home in a little less than a week. I can’t wait!!!

This is Pearl’s story.

We have a 7 yr. old Boston Terrier named Ben. I decided that he should have a playmate. I was the one who wanted a puppy. After convincing the family that it would be a good idea to add a puppy I started some serious research. At first I wanted a Maltese. After awhile I decided that it would be best to get another Boston. Then we started researching breeders.

At first I got involved with a really sketchy breeder. I really had no idea. we picked out a puppy, a red (big uh-oh!) girl who would be shipped to us (another uh-oh!). Just before we were going to receive her i decided that it wasn’t going to work out.

After that I started to talk to a really reputable breeder who we were really interested in. Everything was great. When her dog became pregnant we got really excited. Finally a puppy! Only there were no females in the litter. We really wanted a female. So the breeder referred us to a different breeder who had puppies.

We went to visit this breeder and fell in love with a little girl named Pebbles. She was one of 8 puppies in her litter. We automatically fell in love with her.

We’ll be taking Pearl (we renamed her this after my Nana that has recently passed away) home this coming Saturday, March 1st.

I’m really excited, but a little nervous at the same time, What if Ben hates her? What if she’s unhappy? I know it will all turn out great, I just have to give it time!

We’re in the process of getting all ready for Pearl’s arrival. We have a crate, food and water bowls, a harness and leash, and toys galore!

Now all we need is a puppy!

BBFN! (bye-bye for now)



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  1. David Said:

    Nice bloggie Em.

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